HR Creativity at its Best: Unique Leaves Policies

Employee’s loyalty, motivation, and productivity are the key drivers of any organization’s success. There are lot many other factors contributing to employee’s satisfaction apart from the job profile and the salary. According to the research from Glassdoor, 57% people reported, benefits, and perks to be their top consideration before accepting any job offer.

To ensure high employee satisfaction, organizations are working towards providing greater benefits to their employees. What else could be a greater benefit than providing employees with improved and enhanced leave policies?

The teams have gone pretty creative and came up with the following unique leave policies. Adopted by various organizations across the globe reflects how much they care about their employees. Let’s have a sneak peak in some interesting ones:

1. Non-smoker’s Leave:

A Japanese firm, Piala Inc has recently decided to give its non-smoking staff, 6 extra paid leaves annually to compensate them for the working more than staff who took time off for cigarette breaks. This is a fair justification to the non-smokers and would prove to be an incentive worth considering and encouraging smokers to quit smoking.

2. Unlimited Sick Leaves:

The word “unlimited” is magical in itself. People are filled with excitement when they have no upper limit on something. Since illness doesn’t come with a count of days, companies like SAS, and Godrej, illustrate a culture of trust by adopting a policy with no limit.

  • SAS (Statistical Analysis Systems) provides its employees with unlimited sick leaves after 1 year of full-time employment. On an average, SAS employees take only 2 leaves per year.
  • Godrej also provides its employees with unlimited sick leaves on a ‘need to’ basis. However, continuous leaves for 90 or more days are not paid in full.

3. Unlimited vacations:

We just saw how companies trust their employees and provide them unlimited sick leaves. However, there are companies, which are a step ahead as they provide unlimited vacations to their employees. It is representative of the organizational culture of employee’s self-motivation rather than supervision.

  • Semco, a Brazilian company has been offering this for more than three decades.
  • Netflix has been following this since 2004. Netflix believes leaders to focus on results rather than how people get their jobs done. Netflix observed greater autonomy creates a culture that is more responsible.
  • Virgin Group introduced the same policy (actually, it can be more accurately described as a no policy!) at their parent company in both the US and the UK.

4. Grandparental leave:

Companies provide parental leaves and many are continuously improving their parental leave policies to include adoption as well. But, ASDA, A British Supermarket chain has adopted grandparental leave policy in 2000 which allows grandparents to take a week’s break following the birth of a grandchild and an unpaid break for up to three months to help further with the new arrival. This was started to balance the employee’s commitments of home and work life.

5. Panda Friday:

World Wildlife Fund shuts its door every other week for one day, i.e., Friday. And named it after its unofficial mascot. It helps them achieve them their dual objectives of conservation and work-life balance. It even helps them reduce their carbon footprint and taking some vehicles off-road.


This definitely reinforces the belief that all organizations are unique in their own way. Hence, we at Focus Infosoft believe that no standard HR management solution can cater to all the needs of an organization. There are always some organization specific needs to be catered and thus we are committed to providing organization specific solution. Cilfi’, our flagship HRM solution is also committed to the organizational goal of catering to all the custom needs of an organization and is well equipped to handle any such leave policy.

Let us know in the Comments section if you have heard of or your organization has some creative element in the leaves policy.

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