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Employees are the greatest asset of any company and it’s important to make and keep things right for everything related to them. One of the most important aspect is management of their salary, payroll, leaves and other employee self service features.

With Cilfi all this will seem to be a smooth ride as the product offers a great integrated solution to manage all end to end services required to cater to the employees. Also, it is compatible and tested with most of the modern day systems (like bio-metric machines, intranets etc.) for reducing the implementation lead time for you.

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The Cilfi AdvantEdge

We know that every company is unique in its own way and so are its culture & employee policies. Hence, it’s our top priority to maintain your uniqueness while implementing the HR & payroll software for you. With this core belief of ours we are delighted to present to you ‘Cilfi’ a solution that will adapt to your specific requirements without any compromise.

Cilfi helps you to effectively manage everything related to the employees including all types of employment. The system is well equipped to manage database of all employees with qualifications, photograph, bio data, designation, salary details etc. Cilfi is the ultimate solution for all the statutory requirements of Payroll Processing.

This is a fully integrated solution available on all modern day platforms of cloud, desktop and mobile. This is the perfect solution for all your needs due to its below salient features.

Integrated Solution

Smart & Intuitive

Most Configurable

Lower Lead time

Value for Money

Key Modules

Cilfi is a 100% Made in India system and as a homegrown solution it is fully aware of all the unique nuances related to HR industry and covers them in detail. This enables the HR team, however big or small, to perform their work efficiently with limited or no manual input. Modules in Clifi are as follows:

Payroll Processing

Attendance & Leaves

Loan & Advance

Mobile Application

Employee Self Service

Asset Mgt. & Tracking

Employee Directory

TDS & Taxation

Expense & Reimbursement

Employee Based Ticketing

Team Location Tracking

Statutory & Compliance

How Cilfi Gets You Peace of Mind?

E End to End ‘Hire to Retire’ Process: Cilfi helps you in automating the processes that typically take up the major part of a HR day:

Offer Release
Policy Making
Document Management
Payroll Management
Compliance Management
Grievance Management
One on One/ Skip Meetings
Appraisal Discussions
e-Letter Generations
Performance Management
Training Management
Exit Process

E Error Free Payroll Generation: First thing first, It is one of the most important feature that any HR or employer look from any HRM Solution. Cilfi is helping HR Mangers across nation in calculating and preparing right payroll month on month without any repetitive effort.

C Custom HR Policy: Cilfi not only suggests you to apply best practices in HR but also accommodates your organization’s current policies howsoever complex or unique they are. Go ahead and apply the HR policies from Day 1 with our product. Various customizable & configurable Policies of Cilfi are:

Attendance Policy
Leave Policy
Loan & Advance Policy
Employee Tracking Policy
Travel Policy
Expense Management Policy
Asset Management Policy
Exit Policy

C Compliance Management: Cilfi solution enables your organization to follow compliance from day one. Cilfi prepares various compliance related reports for your organization which are vetted by our experienced compliance inspectors. Cilfi helps you prepare various industry agnostic and industry specific compliance management like reports:

Provident Funds (PF)
Employee State Insurances (ESI)
Professional Taxation (PT)
Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)
Income Tax Compliances
Ease of Doing Business
Coal Mining Provident Funds (CMPF)

C Custom Size Fits All Solution: Cilfi is new age self evolving platform which is best suited for any size of organization starting from a budding startup to well established Multi Nation present conglomerates. It comes with a various option of installments, same may be opted by the organization based on their needs.

Desktop Based
Server Based
Common Cloud
Private Cloud
LAN Based
Wan Based
Intranet Based

T Track your Sales/ Project/ Onsite staff: Attendance collection for staff based at remote locations had traditionally been a tricky problem that HR personnel are trying to solve. Now with Cilfi you need not worry as you have the option to collect attendance information from wherever your colleague is:

From Office Premise
From Client Location
From Project Location
From Temporary Office
Floating Location
Meeting location
Working From Home
Across boundary Locations

H HR Analytics: Cilfi is brainy and good at analytics, it generates more than 200 predefined report for various functions to make your decision making time short. Reports can also be generated based on your specific needs. Reports in raw formats may also be exported to any downstream system like BI reporting.

N New Age Mobile App Driven ESS: Full fledged employee self service is part of Cilfi and same is available on both web based browsers and Mobile applications. It comes with many native features which empowers the employees and help HR team in automating various aspects of employee management like:

Remote Attendance
Attendance Regularization
Leave Application & Approval
Employee Directory
Payslips and Merit Letters
Reimbursement & Asset Management
Tax Declarations & Form 16
Performance Management
360° Feedback

E Enable Bottom to Top communication: Notice boards are for one way communications, Emails are too formal, Cilfi provides an informal way to not only collect open and anonymous feedback but also act as a platform to promote inter-company communication, so that you may respond to situations whenever required before things getting escalated.

A AI Driven Feedback and Automation: Cilfi is a self learning development platform which helps you with artificial learning of actions taken by both HRs and Employees and come up with auto suggestions based on data collected and make the decision making easier for HR team and Higher Management.

E Outsource It All: Cilfi also comes with an option to take up all your HR process burden with the choice to outsource whole or only specific modules among others:

Compliance Management
Hiring Management

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