Introduction to Alexa Skills

Advancement in Internet of Things (IoT) has been exponential and would continue to be so. Human beings are moving towards voice based assistants and hence we see a phenomenal growth in the sales for Voice User Interface (VUI) devices as well as their adoption. We believe it is a natural progression to move back to our roots of communicating via voice.

Until now, Mobile applications were driving the revolution of interaction with devices with their dynamic and flexible UI which made interaction simple & intuitive. However, the field of VUI is trying to push this mode of interaction further with an intention to make it more natural, as simple as the way we speak to one another.

Alexa (by Amazon) is a personal assistant to which you can ask questions and get relevant information. Echo series of Speakers by Amazon uses Alexa as the voice assistant and can do a variety of tasks like playing your favourite music or booking a cab for you.

How can we help?

We know you are making a difference in the lives of your consumers and hence we are here to help you get them better ease of work by connecting your offering(s) to Alexa. Your offering to your customers may be a software, food delivery, consulting, logistics or anything else in the world, we can help you cconnect with Alexa (or any other voice assistant like Google Assistant).

Understanding the user intent and processing natural language is seamlessly done by Alexa by connecting to your app. The best part is that since Alexa is in self learning mode it will automatically improve the user experience over time.

Why Choose Focus Infosoft?

We at Focus are rigorously working in this space and are one of the early starters giving us the competitive edge. We will work with your team end to end to help create the desired solution, help your device for Alexa compliance and certification.

Why Choose Focus Infosoft as your partner for Alexa Skill Development:

  • Early starter in the Alexa skill development
  • More than 20 years of IT experience along with specific focus on IoT
  • In-house ability to host and maintain Custom Skills
  • Have live Alexa skills which is still a niche segment

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