Learning everyday is Essential and not optional anymore – ‘Learn’ Why!

We all have been told at some point of time in our lives that we should always keep learning, but majority of us have not taken it seriously ever. Let me try and make a re-attempt at it.

Learning is not an option any more, world is no more “survival of the strongest” kind of jungle but it is “Survival of most knowledgeable” kind of corporate world.

Learning is no more limited to ages 5-22 class room type medium, it is a never ending process and there are uncountable mediums by which we may induce it. Knowledge is also getting obsolete at a real fast pace. Unless and until we speed ourselves to outrun the way knowledge is spreading we ourselves might become obsolete. There is a high probability what we learned last year is no more required or is already part of archival documentation if you are from the technology world.

Time devoted for reading is a single best investment you can make which will pay higher returns than even Bitcoins (Yes for sure!). Knowledge gained is always sell-able and beauty of it is, it will still be yours, even if you sell it, rather it will only go uphill.

Exploring new things can help in finding new job, new business, fresh raise, new consulting opportunity, new networking opportunity. In business parlance Knowledge is the core product of the company named “You”.

New learning is also important because of rapid Demonetization of technology, something which was expensive and unique yesterday is free & common and in case we have not learnt about it in right time we are losing the competitive edge.

Knowledge is not only rewarded but also recognized well, think about all those people and companies who are rewarded and recognized because they learnt new things before others, it goes true with yesteryear voyagers and discoverers and its hold true with new age technologies companies.

Gaining knowledge not only helps you grow financially, but it also helps you grow as a person. Reading is one of the best way to understand different perspective of a same situation, it helps you place yourself in other people’s shoes. Nothing teaches you empathy better than reading.

Reading helps you in improving your people skills, it helps in making you communicate better to all kind of audience, reading is the best way to learn from other people’s experiences. Reading makes you a better negotiator and helps you improve on your persuasive skills. Persuasion is one of the key skills which is linked with your growth in corporate world.

Howsoever busy you are, you might be an entry level employee or a country’s president learning and reading are things you cannot skip, it has to get a space in your to do list. Make it a point to devote 15 minutes daily to new learning, that itself amounts to 90+ hours in a year. People make lot of excuses like they are busy, can’t take out time to read, they are in that phase of life, what’s the point of reading, can’t afford it, have other priorities and what not, however if you realize the truth is “No one actually can afford not to read” and I am glad you started (if not doing already) by reading this post! My plea is – Keep it up!


The Post has been contributed by Divya Kumar Gupta, Director at Focus Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.  

(Learnt from Observer.)